KMA to remove illegal billboards, posters within Kumasi metro

Billboards scattered at a roundabout in Kumasi
Billboards scattered at a roundabout in Kumasi
Billboards scattered at a roundabout in Kumasi

Effective Thursday September 8, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly(KMA) will embark on a massive exercise to remove all unauthorised billboards, banners and posters scattered within the metropolis.

The move is part of measures instituted by the assembly to address the numerous environmental challenges and its related problems.

Per the by-laws of the assembly, individuals and advertisers are mandated to obtain permit from the assembly before erecting billboards, pasting posters and stickers or hoisting banners in any part of the Kumasi metropolis.

But some individuals, advertisers and organisations have either erected billboards and banners or pasted stickers and posters at every corner they get, especially along major roads and streets, without recourse to the assembly.

Utility service poles like that of the Electricity Company of Ghana and Vodafone Ghana Limited as well as walls and buildings are mostly the preferred choice for posters and banners.

This practice, the assembly says, is illegal, hence the exercise to remove all those billboards, banners and poster which were mounted and pasted without the necessary documentation.

Public Relations Officer of the KMA, Godwin Okuma Nyame told TV3, sometimes the siting of these billboards and banners do not only contribute to the environmental challenges but also obstruct the view of drivers, something he said could lead to road accidents.

He urged those who are fond of engaging in such illegality to stop and asked them to start removing any unauthorised billboards, posters and banners at major roundabouts and roads in the city before the assembly starts its exercise.

“The advertisers should make sure that they take off any of their dilapidated billboards. Individuals, organisations and institutions should begin removing their flags and posters together with any unlawful advertisement materials themselves,” he warned.

He however did not say whether the KMA would apply sanctions against anyone found to have engaged in such illegal act.

Mr Nyame appealed to stakeholders and the general public to cooperate with the KMA in the exercise geared towards making Kumasi a cleaner city, and asked advertising agencies to make sure they remove any dilapidated billboards.

By Benjamin Aidoo|TV3||Ghana

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