Kofi Adjorlolo Raises Concerns Over Unauthorized Airing of Nigerian Movies on Ghanaian TV Stations

Seasoned Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, has raised concerns about Ghanaian TV stations airing Nigerian movies without permission or payment on local channels.

He expressed dismay over this trend, stating it undermines Ghana’s film industry and its professionals, while also disrespecting Nigerian filmmakers’ rights. Adjorlolo criticized Ghanaian television stations for perpetuating this practice, noting its adverse effects on both Ghanaian actors and the local film industry. He emphasized the financial impact and urged these channels to cease such “theft” and respect international copyright laws.

Moreover, he expressed the discontent among Nigerian producers and the potential harm to Ghanaian actors’ opportunities in Nigeria’s film industry.

In Adjorlolo’s words: “I don’t know why the TV stations will not go for permission before downloading their works. We are not talking about content or time. This is an international work and has laws protecting the works. That is why we have copyright and intellectual laws… if you don’t ask for permission, and you telecast, there are consequences for that.”

Adjorlolo further emphasized the impact on Ghanaian actors, stating, “Do you know how many Ghanaians are working here, Anthony Wood, James Gardiner and the rest, even Jackie left not long ago? They give us the opportunity to work, so our livelihood is concerned here? A lot of African countries see Nollywood as a stepping stone, every Ghanaian actor wants to be in Nollywood, and we are doing this to them… it’s not good, they are complaining so bitterly.”

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