Korle Lagoon: A reflection of who we are?


The Korle Lagoon was meant to be a recreational site but it has become a pale shadow of itself

Located at the Central Business District of Accra, the Korle Lagoon is a shameful symbolic representation of who we are as Ghanaians.

For years, the Lagoon has been the main place for the disposal of industrial and domestic waste.


The culture of filth seems to have rubbed off on us over the years, thereby making it seem normal without a shred of guilt.


Highly polluted, the Lagoon stands lifeless and toxic.




Over the years, government has made – and still is making – efforts to dredge the Korle Lagoon but who are we kidding when refuse is still dumped in every day?

Until the culture of filth changes and a new sense of mental awakening engulfs us as a people, I fear we would forever drench the Korle Lagoon.


By Ayerkie Narnor|tv3network.com|Ghana

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