Kosua ne Meko Features in New York Times

When was the last time you had nkosua ne meko? Not long ago I can imagine. Egg and Grinded Pepper with onions has been a delicacy for some time now in Ghana. It would not be strange to get an egg in the morning while in traffic headed to work or getting back from work. It has served as a means of getting spices in your mouth while eating the egg itself.

The addition of pepper to egg came about as a result of how people thought raw uncooked egg is hard to take in. But once the egg is cooked, adding that spread of pepper makes an even distribution of sweetness and spice in your mouth.

Well, the New York Times of all portals decided to give its writer the chance to give nkosua ne meko a feature as part of their recipe column. The article was written by Yewande Komolafe.

She calls it a popular Ghanaian street snack of a hard-boiled egg split slightly down the middle and stuffed with a chunky tomato relish. Boi

She reiterates how just one egg is not enough in a purchase. If you are not lucky, you may spend all your money buying two or three eggs just to satisfy the spicy sweetness it brings to the tongue.

The full article can be read here

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