Video: I Make GHS156,000 A Week Driving Trucks In The US. Lady Reveals

The business of trucking seems to be a good one as its earnings can offer a comfortable life in the US.
Meet Lucky, the lady behind 2 Lucky Trucking. She has been serving as a constant stream of encouragement for ladies in the trucking business. A business that is predominantly dominated by men.

Imagine earning ghs156,000 a week from cross-country driving. This should settle a lot of bills and make life enjoyable.

From transporting raw materials to taking finished goods from one location to the other, trucking companies are essential in the supply chain of goods and services in a specific location. Considering this, it is easy to think trucking companies make a lot of money.

The trucking industry earned $875.5 billion in revenue in 2021. In 2020, the trucking market was worth $732.3 billion. In the same year, there were more than 902,000 truck drivers employed in the United States of America. With these numbers, it is not difficult to see that the trucking industry is a highly successful one, gathering billions of dollars in revenue yearly.

Lucky however owns her own dispatch company. So, instead of being employed by a high-end trucking firm, she does her own pickups and drop-offs.
Check out some of her videos.

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