LIVESTREAMING: Day 9 of Chef Faila’s Guinness World Record cook-a-thon attempt, clocks over 203 hours

Ghana’s Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak is on day 9 and so far clocked over 2023 hours and still counting as she attempts to set a Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon.

Initially scheduled to last for five days, Chef Faila’s cook-a-thon, which commenced on January 9, 2024, was initially scheduled to last for five days.

However, her team announced an extension to ten days, citing the need to clear pending attempts and other attempts in the future.

Her attempt has received wide support from various sections of Ghanaians who have been trooping to the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, where the event is being held, to give Chef Faila moral support.

Other Ghanaians have also been showing support to the daring chef via social media.

Watch the livestream below:

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