Murder Trial: Court orders psychiatric examination for TikTok couple

Tema District Court has taken a dramatic turn, as the orders a psychiatric evaluation of the accused persons, the popularly TikTok couple Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest who are facing murder trial.

This decision comes after Chief Inspector Grace Konadu raised concerns about the mental health of the couple, suspecting that they may be suffering from a mental ailment.

During the court proceedings, Chief Inspector Konadu pointed out certain comments and behaviors exhibited by the accused, which raised suspicions about their mental well-being.
The court acknowledged the difficulty of independently verifying the accused persons’ mental health solely based on their attitudes.
To ensure a fair trial and address the possibility of mental illness, the Magistrate decided to order a psychiatric examination for the couple.

Consequently, the couple have been referred to a psychiatric hospital for the required evaluation.
The examination will shed light on his mental state and help determine if any mental health issues may have influenced the actions leading to the alleged murder.

The case revolves around the couple’s missing children. Police investigations have uncovered evidence indicating that Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest may have murdered their own children.
Two of their children remain missing, deepening the concern surrounding their actions.

According to the prosecution’s preliminary facts, the complainant in the case, Comfort Yeboah, reported the disappearance of her grandchild, Erzz Bless Chayah, who was found begging for alms in Community 5, Tema.
The child revealed that the accused had subjected him to starvation and abuse.
Furthermore, Erzz Bless Chayah alleged witnessing the accused individuals burying the bodies of his older brothers, Ephraim Manessah Chayah and Precious Ever-Bless Chayah.

Based on this information, the police promptly apprehended the accused persons. Further investigations revealed that on September 18, 2021, the couple allegedly provided poisoned food to their son, Ephraim Manessah Chayah, resulting in his death. The accused then claimed that the body disappeared after they prayed to their God.

In addition, it was discovered that their other child, Precious Ever-Bless Chayah, fell ill on November 12, 2019, and died after being hospitalized at the Tema General Hospital.

The ongoing investigation aims to establish the whereabouts of the two missing children while the court awaits the results of Daniel Asiedu’s psychiatric examination. This case has shocked the community and raised important questions about mental health and the protection of children.

As the court process continues, authorities will work diligently to unravel the truth behind these tragic events and ensure justice for the innocent victims involved.

Meanwhile, the accused persons have been charged with murder but their plea is yet to be taken.

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