One dead in bloody clash at Old Tafo btn Muslim youth & traditional authorities


Old Tafo clash
At least one person is feared dead in Old Tafo in a bloody clash between muslim youth and traditional authorities.

It is unclear what triggered the mayhem but reports say fear has gripped the entire township with people running for their lives.

Commercial activities have come to a complete halt with youth chasing anyone they see with machetes, clubs and any other dangerous weapon they find.

Police have arrived in the town led by the regional police commander, DCOP Kofi Boakye with support from the military. There have been reports of tension in the town since Saturday when the traditional authorites asked for the pulling down of a fence wall.

The fence was eventually pulled down on the orders of the traditional authorites. This move allegedly angered the muslim youth who protested the action.

That protestation led to an altercation between the youth and the traditional authorities. One of the chiefs allegedly slapped a member of the moslem youth group. The youngman reportedly returned the slap.

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