Prince David Osei Reveals Reasons Behind Choosing Bawumia Over Mahama

Actor Prince David Osei expresses a preference for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia over John Dramani Mahama, highlighting Bawumia’s impactful initiatives during his vice presidency.
Osei specifically commends Dr. Bawumia’s contributions to digitalization and the implementation of the Ghana Card, emphasizing their positive effects on crime reduction and daily life convenience.

In an interview on Accra FM, Prince David Osei states, “His excellency Dr. Bawumia has been one of the prolific vice presidents we’ve ever had.” He questions the impact of past vice presidents, including Atta Mills, ex-president Mahama, and late Aliu Mahama, asserting that none made significant initiatives during their vice-presidential terms.

Osei expresses confidence in Bawumia’s leadership, stating, “So if as a vice president he’s been able to do these initiatives, then when he sits as the main boss driving the car, what else will happen? Because most vice presidents we’ve had, they’ve really never had a say. He’s done so much.”

Regarding John Dramani Mahama’s potential return, Osei questions its necessity, saying, “Why don’t you pick someone else?” Responding to the notion that Mahama might be returning due to an incomplete term, Osei remarks, “What is he coming to finish exactly? Because during the unfortunate demise of late Atta Mills, he succeeded him even before we went into elections… Personally, I don’t know what else he wants to come and do, but if Ghanaians feel like he’s the right one, I mean who am I to judge.”

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