Regulate the use of mobile phones in Parliament – Dr. Dramani

Mobile phones in parliamentThe Executive Director of the African Sector for Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Rashid Dramani is making a strong case for the use of mobile phones on the floor of parliament to be regulated.

The Speaker of Parliament Edward Doe Adjaho recently bemoaned the conduct of members of parliament on the floor of the house, complaining that members were fond of engaging in unparliamentary conduct.

Speaking on 3FM’s ‘Late Edition’ hosted by Alfred Ocansey, Dr. Dramani said measures should be taken to curb the situation from escalating.

“In some parliaments once you walk into the premises of the chamber, your phone is disabled immediately”.

He noted, “Sometimes when we have a delegation come in to visit Ghana and they go to our parliament, they are amazed by what they see…

“In other parliaments in East Africa, the moment you walk into the chamber your network is disabled until the session is over.

“We see how members of parliament during debates pay more attention to their phones rather than focus on issues being raised”.

“We want to encourage the use of technology but I think sometimes the use of technology in the house should be only to enhance the work that the honorable members are doing”.


Source: Nana Afrane Asante |

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