Sista Afia hasn’t offended anybody, she can reach out to us – Robert Klah

Head of Public Events and Communications for the Telecel Ghana Music Awards, Robert Klah, has encouraged musician, Sista Afia, to contact the organization to address any concerns regarding her absence from the list of nominees for the 2024 event.

This stems from Sista Afia, whose real name is Fancisca Gawugah, expressing her disappointment and frustration for not receiving any nominations. Despite her popular song “Asuoden” in 2021, she received no nominations, leading her to question the award board’s decision-making process.

In response to her grievances on Hitz FM, Robert Klah assured that all due nomination processes were followed, denying any unfair treatment towards Sista Afia.

He stated, “Sista Afia can always reach out to me. I am always accessible. I don’t think she has stepped on anyone’s toes as far as I am concerned. The same process we follow to nominate artists is the same thing we are doing.”

Furthermore, he debunked claims that some artists secure nominations without applying, stating, “It is not entirely true that people do not file for nominations and yet they get nominated. We have a research team who in some cases include certain songs that merit nomination. And even with that, we contact the artist first.”

Robert Klah urged all concerned artists to reach out for clarification and assured that the board would address any strong cases, adding, “If for any reason, anyone has a strong case, you can petition the board and we will do what has to be done.”

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