Social Media Users Drag Celestine Donkor Over Comment on Ewe Names

Social media users are criticizing gospel musician Celestine Donkor for her recent remarks regarding Ewe names.

The controversy arose during a segment of the show Today’s Woman with Cookie Tee on TV3. When asked about her surname Donkor, Celestine explained that she acquired it through marriage, joking that she had to relinquish her own Ewe name. This led to a lighthearted exchange between Celestine and Cookie Tee, with both joking about potential Ewe names.

Here’s the conversation that followed:

Cookie Tee: How are you?
Celestine: I’m good. You?
Cookie Tee: Aaahn So you’re Ewe?
Celestine : Oh yeah I’m hundred percent Ewe
Cookie Tee: so where’s the Donkor from?
Celestine: My husband. You know I had to give up my name.
Cookie Tee (interjected): No wonder
Celestine: I would’ve been Akakpo-Dosu
Cookie Tee: (in Ewe) You say?

-Laughs loud, waves her hand and adds: Thank God for grace o. You would’ve been what?
Celestine: Akakpo-Dosu
Cookie Tee: Excuse you ?

-Both burst into laughter
Cookie Tee: I wonder why we number 9s (Nickname for Ewes) always do that to our names. So, I told my mom that I think finally when I have to say ‘yes’, I don’t want any Agbezuge or… no no no. We thank God for Donkor.
Celestine: How did you know? That was the prayer I was praying . One of the criteria for my selection ‘that the man must have a lighter name at least’ I’ve carried heavy name for all my life.
Cookie Tee (in Ewe and laughing heartily) : What is Akakpo? We thank God for grace.

TV3 posted a segment of the interview on their social media channels, describing Celestine’s situation as “dodging a bullet.” This triggered criticism online, with users not only targeting Celestine but also the host and the station.

Here are a few comments from social media users:

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