Street preaching banned in Aboabo after Thursday’s Islamic clashes

MCE for Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly is Nurudeen Hamidan
MCE for Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly is Nurudeen Hamidan

The Asokore Mampong Municipal Security Council has banned street preaching by Islamic clerics in Aboabo Number 2.

The move is to sustain the peace in the area after last Thursday’s clash.

Two Islamic sects – Tijaniyyah and Al-Sunnah – clashed in the Ashanti Region last Thursday over an issue followers say started on Facebook.

According to reports, insults had been traded between the two sects on Facebook before last week’s street brawl.

The resultant fight on Thursday led to the injury of two and the smashing of a sheikh’s car.

Announcing the decisions taken by the Municipal Security Council to TV3 on Monday, May 23, Municipal Chief Executive Nurudeen Hamidan said the Council has deferred to local chiefs, who have assured of resolving the issues. They were part of a meeting held on Sunday.

They have up to next week to report back to the Council, Mr Hamidan noted.

Preaching by the Muslim sects has been restricted to mosques and that can only be done on speakers at minimum sound levels.

“We are monitoring all groups,” the MCE disclosed.


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