The music industry is suffering – Akosua Adjepong laments

Highlife music legend, Akosua Adjepong, has expressed her disappointment with the current state of the Ghanaian music industry.

In a recent interview with RAJAB Media GH, she pointed out a lack of seriousness among major stakeholders as a significant hindrance to the industry’s progress.

Adjepong noted that Ghana has a wealth of rich rhythms to explore, but the music industry has been lagging behind compared to other countries like Nigeria and Senegal, where musicians are taking advantage of this musical diversity.

She highlighted her experiences in Seychelles, where she heard music from various countries, including Nigeria, Senegal, and Mali.

She questioned why Ghana wasn’t capitalizing on these rhythms and suggested that Nigerians were even playing Highlife music better than Ghanaians currently.

“I went to Seychelles, and I heard them play songs from different countries. I heard Nigerian music, Senegal and Mali. Now the question is, why is Ghana not taking advantage of these rhythms?’

“As it stands now, it seems Nigerians are even playing better Highlife music than Ghana. If you listen to songs from Senegal and Mali, you will notice that they are similar to rhythms from the Northern part of Ghana. So why are we suffering? I will keep saying that the right things have not been done,” she said.

Her comments come at a time where many creatives in the music industry, have aired their concerns about the state of the industry and its growth, especially in light of the progress of their Nigerian counterparts.

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