There is a hidden agenda against Fulanis in Ghana – President of Fulani Association



President of the Fulani Association of Ghana Sheikh Osman Bari says he strongly believes there is a deliberate hidden agenda aimed at destabilising the Fulani community in Ghana.

The Fulani community in Ghana has in recent times been in the news for all the wrong reasons pertaining to robbery, killings, and rape amongst others.

The latest was the killing of two farmers last Sunday at Agogo in the Ashanti Region.

In an interview on 3FM’s Late Edition hosted by Alfred Ocansey, Sheikh Osman Bari bemoaned government’s efforts to curb the rising tension between the Fulanis and natives in surrounding communities, stating that he believed there was a clear-cut agenda against them in Ghana

“I raised the issue that our names, images and our integrity have always been in the mud and some people especially the media were not very just in treating the Fulani issues in the country.

“I strongly believe there is a deliberate agenda against Fulanis because in the history of this country these types of occurrences, incidents, conflicts and tensions have never been in the making so if it is now developing into the loss of lives, properties, animals, displacement of families and what have you then there must be a reason for why we have to think about this seriously as a nation and stand on our feet to get a solution to the problem.

Sheikh Osman contends that no arrests have so far been made to confirm allegations against Fulanis.

“If there is a pending tension and there is always a hangover conflict without finding a lasting solution to it once and for all then it will always lead to these types of things which are very unfortunate,” he noted.

“Let us go to the roots to try and address the issues squarely and arrive at a very concrete and proactive solution and proposal to get the situation to rest once and for all.”

He urged the police to act proactively to arrest the situation before it escalates to another level especially when there are reports they have resolved to flash out Fulanis from Agogo and other areas.

“We have been repeating the same allegations, claims and counterclaims since the year 2000 such as armed robbery, raping killing and all the others without addressing the issue at stake squarely.”

By Nana Afrane Asante||Ghana

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