Video: Fameye releases ‘Not God’ music video featuring RoseMay Alaba

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Fameye has released another exciting project – video for the hit single ‘Not God.’ The video, directed by the talented Andy Madjitey, takes audiences on an immersive journey, skillfully weaving storytelling with breathtaking visuals. Starring alongside Fameye is the renowned Austrian musician RoseMay Alaba, adding an international flair to the production.

Fameye’s ‘Not God’ has not only solidified his place in the music industry but also showcased his exceptional musical traits and prowess as a gifted storyteller. The song resonates deeply with audiences, exploring the struggles and triumphs of ordinary individuals in their pursuit of success, touching on themes of determination, hope, and self-belief.

The video’s opening scene introduces RoseMay Alaba, an Austrian singer, songwriter, and recording artist of exceptional talent. RoseMay Alaba, famous for her 2016 chart-topping single ‘Love Me Right,’ graces the screen with her captivating presence. The seamless collaboration between Fameye and RoseMay Alaba adds a unique dynamic to the video, bridging cultures and musical influences.

The video’s backdrop features predominantly, the cultural beauty of the National Theatre, where the video was shot. The stunning visuals serve as a perfect canvas for Fameye’s signature storytelling style, allowing him to showcase his skills not only as a vocalist but also as a masterful narrator. Through scenes that intertwine with the song’s lyrics, the video portrays the highs and lows of life’s journey, ultimately celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

Fameye’s ‘Not God’ video is a testament to his commitment to creating impactful and relatable content that resonates with his fans. The video beautifully captures the essence of the song, and with RoseMay Alaba’s presence, it attains a global appeal that transcends borders.

Speaking about the collaboration, Fameye expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with RoseMay Alaba and the entire production team. “Creating this video has been an
incredible journey. Collaborating with RoseMay Alaba was an honor, and I believe that our combined efforts have resulted in something truly special. ‘Not God’ is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of life’s challenges and victories,” said Fameye.

The video for ‘Not God’ is now available for viewing on major platforms, including YouTube and streaming services. Fameye’s star continues to rise, and with this visually striking and emotionally resonant video, he cements his position as a multifaceted artist with an unwavering commitment to his craft.

Watch Video below.

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