Video of Robot waiter gets angry at customer who blocks its way

A video capturing a robot waiter named ‘Peanut’ expressing frustration towards a customer in a restaurant has taken social media platforms by storm.

The viral clip depicts a woman obstructing the path of the robot waiter, leading to Peanut’s response, “Don’t block my way, please. I have to work, otherwise I’ll be fired.”

The video, originally posted on TikTok by user @artificialtechnology, quickly gained traction and sparked a conversation around the capabilities of artificial intelligence and its potential for emotional responses.

The video’s caption, “Artificial Intelligence Waitress Bot Gets Very Upset,” further heightened the intrigue surrounding the footage.

In the video, Peanut, a robot waiter equipped with advanced AI technology, is seen navigating through the restaurant to fulfill its duties.

However, when confronted by the woman blocking its path, the robot surprisingly expresses frustration and implores her not to hinder its progress.

The unexpected interaction has captivated viewers, sparking discussions about the evolving capabilities of AI and its ability to mimic human emotions.

The video has sparked a mixed response from social media users.

While some found Peanut’s emotional reaction intriguing and applauded the advancement in AI technology, others expressed concerns about the potential implications of robots displaying human-like emotions in service industries.

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