Vim lady! Sidechic Deborah Seyram drags her sugar daddy to court once again over ownership of car he gave her

The legal dispute between popular Ghanaian sidechic Deborah Seyram Adablah and her zaddy, Ernest Nimako, has taken an unexpected turn when she returns to court to contest the ownership of a Honda Civic car.

The sidechick, Deborah Adablah has dragged her sugar daddy, Ernest Nimako back to court.

Deborah Adablah is still fighting for custody of the Honda Civic car Mr Nimako bought for her during the duration of their romantic relationship which has become the focal point of a legal dispute between the two parties.

After their relationship hit the wall, Mr. Nimako demanded the return of the car he had bought for Deborah Adablah, which sparked the brouhaha between the two adult

Deborah initially thought the car was hers, but was never registered in her name but the man’s name.

After their court case commenced, Deborah arrogantly kept driving the car to court until the court ordered her to hand it over to the man as it wasn’t her property.

After losing the substantive case three weeks ago, Deborah has reportedly taken a new case to court, this time to determine ownership of the Honda Civic.

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