Vodafone Business urges rural banks to leverage technology for business growth

Vodafone Business has advised rural banks in Ghana to take advantage of technology to drive business growth.

Speaking at this year’s Association of Rural Banks Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Excellence Awards, Alfred Neizer, Vodafone Ghana’s Head of SME and SoHo said, “Lockdowns forced banks to take the customer experience almost entirely online. Many banks saw first-hand the power of technology to help them connect with customers in meaningful ways, and many have maintained this digital customer journey even as businesses recover from the effects of the pandemic.”

He said that technology has proven to be a powerful force in helping the banking sector in challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. He also added that the effective use of technology is the best way to stay agile and resilient in this economic climate.

“The current economy is difficult, especially for rural banks. However, success is assured for banks that decide to use technology to innovate their offers,” he said.

He further assured rural banks of Vodafone’s continued commitment to supporting them with custom-made, technology-driven solutions. Mr Neizer says that these solutions have led to better operations, more flexible businesses, and stronger businesses.

Mr Neizer also urged rural and commercial banks to take advantage of Vodafone Ghana’s dedicated, cost-effective internet connectivity, Your Business Online (YBOL) service, and other solutions, to become more resilient banks and improve their customer experience.