Vodafone employees empower girls in Correctional Institute

Ebenezer Amankwah is the Corporate Communications Manager of Vodafone GhanaThe Vodafone Employee Volunteerism Project has organised a life empowering programme for remand students at the South Labone Girls Vocational Training Centre.

The programme held on the theme ‘Hope Initiative’ was organised by Vodafone employees with background in Youth Development and Project Management, and equipped the remand girls with skills such as batik tie and dye, sewing, modelling, and customer service experience.

Corporate Communications Manager of Vodafone Ghana Ebenezer Amankwah said the exercise was necessary to equip the girls with vocational skills that would make them self-reliant after they are reintegrated into society.

“They need these skills because they won’t be here forever; they will go back into the society and the skills they have been equipped with can help them to re-integrate into the society,” he said.

He noted that the Employee Volunteerism Project team would organise programmes that would directly benefit the society and their customers as part of their corporate social responsibility to society.

He explained that the main purpose for the event was to empower the girls to bring something good to the society in future irrespective of where they were.

Mr Amankwah disclosed that next year the team may go to another remand home or institution to impact their lives in one way or the other.

Source: tv3network.com|Ghana

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