“We’re not friends” – Yvonne Nelson Opens Up About Relationship with Sarkodie Post-Memoir

Yvonne Nelson has opened up about her strained relationship with rapper Sarkodie, which deteriorated following the release of her memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

Nelson divulged intimate aspects of her past relationship with Sarkodie in the book, including a challenging decision regarding an abortion. Since its release, their relationship has worsened, with Nelson recognizing the increasing distance between them.

Speaking on Onua FM, Nelson emphasized the importance of speaking truthfully, even if it causes discomfort for others.

“There was no rift between us. We are not friends, and after what happened in the book, we have not been close friends. It is okay for people to feel the way they feel but that doesn’t stop anyone from telling their stories.

“We are telling our young girls to speak up, and if you’ll speak up for people to feel uncomfortable, then that is their problem so far as you are telling the truth,”she said.

The tension between Nelson and Sarkodie intensified following the book’s release, as she recounted their past affair and the pregnancy termination due to Sarkodie’s refusal to take responsibility. In response, Sarkodie addressed the allegations in a song titled ‘Try Me,’ asserting that Nelson’s decision to disclose the incident was entirely her own.

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