Winston’s Take: Rev. Martey must Name the Politicians or apologize to Ghanaians

Presby Moderator

So who tried to bribe Rev. Prof Emmanuel Martey with $100,000, a 4X4 vehicle and a house at Trasacco just to silence him? Fellow Ghanaians, don’t you think we deserve to know that person? Rev. Prof Martey you made it very clear at the press conference that if you had big dogs, you would have released them to bite that politician so Ghanaians will know what that person did.

Clearly this is an indication that you wanted us to know. Or are you making accusations without any basis? Ghanaians do not want to believe that is what you are doing because you said you are a man of integrity and also a man who has his country at heart. So if you seek the interest of Ghana then why can’t you tell us who this person or persons are? Please name and put them to shame because that is another way of fighting corruption and fighting corruption is what we are all talking about.

If you are not prepared to tell us who those people are then Prof Martey kindly retract these comments and apologize to all Ghanaians because we do not understand why you would come out with such allegations and still keep the names of those persons. These people are nation wreckers, who must be condemned by all. However, if you are bent on keeping the names, then I am sorry you need to retract and apologize to Ghanaians.

By Winston Amoah

The writer is the host of 3FM‘s Sunrise. Write-up was first broadcast on the station.

31st August 2016



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