“Enough with the record-a-thons” – Guinness World Record issues warning to Nigerians

Recently, Nigerians have been making concerted efforts to break various Guinness World Records in different categories.

It all began when a Nigerian chef named Hilda Baci shattered the record for the longest cooking hours by an individual.

Since then, there have been rumors circulating about Nigerians attempting to break records for the longest kissing hour, the longest movie-watching hour, the longest singing hour, the longest dancing hour, and a few other intriguing feats.

Amidst this flurry of record-breaking attempts, a Nigerian news platform Pulsenigeria247 shared a post revealing the response from Guinness World Records to an individual in Nigeria who planned to break the records for “idea-a-thon” and “puff-a-thon.”

Guinness World Records took to the comment page to issue a warning, stating, “Please, enough with the record-a-thons.”

Upon reading this response from Guinness World Records, concerned Nigerians promptly flocked to the comment section to voice their opinions.

See some reactions below:

kennethokolie: “Nigerians and abuse of trend “5&6″ Tweh!!!”

officialj_j: “This is so embarrassing…. Later you guys will wonder why Nigerians are always on ban list… SMH.”

mamee_lee: “Use me as your “enough” button please. Nigerians make una rest ooo.”

igweofd.east: “Nigeria, First country to be suspended from GWR.”

sharonofficial126: “GRW suppose do live video just to warn Nigerians.”

talkwithmogold: “Those I pity most are the Nigerians working at Guinness world record offices.”

ola_jumoke_funmilayo: “As we go to sleep,we shall wake up to great news.”

ladyque_1: “Long overdue. The word “a-thon” don suffer for una hand.”

___olufela: “At this point … it will be recorded in the Guinness book of record that Nigerians didn’t allow them to rest in 2023 because of records- a-thon.”

tobijamescandids: “The number of times Nigerians have announced attempts to break record is a record on its own.”

See screenshot of the post;

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