Reverend Obofour goes live on ig displaying his wife’s car keys

This is not the first time the Pastor has ostentatiously showed his wealth on social media and it always breeds backlashes and this time was no different,
As the Reverend went live on Instagram displaying Mrs Obofour’s car keys
To G Wagon, Rolls-royce , Escalade just to name a few.

Ghanaians have reacted quite harshly to this and there’s been lots of ridicule questioning the kind of Pastor he is.
With comments like;

“This isn’t a man of God”

“Financially benefitting from poor people’s ignorance, the money you giving to pastors are making them rich while you keep remaining poor”

“Meanwhile the congregation has been giving out offering and donations and cannot even put food on their table”

Et cetera just to name a few

They stated the need for a wake up call for Ghanaians to stop idolizing these Men of “gods” claiming to be sent by God.

It would seem the Pastor is unfazed by these comments or just doesn’t care at all
As he would continue to display opulence upon opulence.

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