[ LISTEN ] Phrimpong – Chairman feat. Strongman, Ypee & Biq Dollar

Phrimpong ignites the Ghanaian Drill Scene with Explosive Collab Track ‘Chairman’ Featuring Ypee, Strongman, and Biq Dollar

Phrimpong has joined forces with Ypee, Strongman, and Biq Dollar to deliver an explosive Ghanaian Drill masterpiece titled “Chairman.”

The hot single with a viral potential and a festive feel, celebrates prosperity and the capacity to stand out from the crowd when it counts. “Chairman” fuses hard-hitting beats with relentless flows, creating a riveting listening experience that is sure to captivate fans of feel-good music.

Phrimpong, renowned for his incisive lyrics and unwavering authenticity, leads the charge with his unmistakable delivery. Ypee’s distinct style and infectious energy inject a contagious vibe into the track, while Strongman’s razor-sharp wordplay and Biq Dollar’s electrifying hooks take the collaboration to unprecedented heights.

“Chairman” not only pushes the boundaries of Ghanaian Drill music but also exemplifies the brotherhood and cooperation amongst these rap heads. With its ear-catching hooks and unforgettable verses, the track is set to solidify its place as an instant classic in the Ghanaian music scene.

“Chairman” was produced by Dollar Music, and Mixed by Apya. Play it below

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