#NSMQ 2023: Wesley Girls’ flies high to make it to quarter final stage

Wesley Girls’ High School has bulldozed its way to the one-fourth stage of the ongoing National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

In today’s contest, the school came up against Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS and Ghanata SHS at the one-eighth stage.

The two were no match for Wesley Girls’ High School as they kept their dominance from the onset of the race.

The problem of the day in Round 3 proved to be a problem for Wesley Girls’, but they quickly rose to their feet and led headstrong.

At the end of the contest, Wesley Girls’ High School garnered 54 points to progress to the next stage of the competition.

How today’s contest punned out

End of Round 1:

Wesley Girls’ High School: 30pts

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 11pts

Ghanata SHS: 09pts

End of Round 2:

Wesley Girls’ High School: 43pts

Ghanata SHS: 13pts

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 10pts

Problem of the day scores:

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 5/10

Wesley Girls’ High School: 1/10

Ghanata SHS: 1/10

End of Round 4:

Wesley Girls’ High School: 51pts

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 25pts

Ghanata SHS: 15pts

End of contest:

Wesley Girls’ High School: 54pts

Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS: 25pts

Ghanata SHS: 24pts

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