‘Our new logo demonstrates our INDEPENDNCE’ – EC explains

The Commission says the new logo is its new identityThe Electoral Commission says its new logo, which has generated hue and cry, represents a unified purpose and vision, and ultimately demonstrates the Commission’s independence.


Ahead of the launch of its five-year strategic plan Tuesday, the Commission explained the elements of the circular logo in a brochure distributed to participants of the event which will also see the EC answer questions on its preparedness for the 2016 elections.

“The whole identity represents a unified common purpose and vision and demonstrates our independence as an institution,” the Commission explained in the brochure.

The new logo, which emerged in April this year, was criticised by Ghanaians, as they wondered why the EC was introducing at an election year. The logo, which comes with blue-black background with what appears to be eight abstract humans with their hands up.

It later came up that the new logo looks like that of a Turkish educational institution; something that caused a section of Ghanaians to demand an explanation from the designers on whether the logo is original, copied or modified for the EC.

Many interpretations were given to the controversial logo with some claiming it is an embodiment a wheel of fortune and that the colours represent the various political parties.


However, the Commission has given a different interpretation of the new logo, which approval is unclear. Prior to its official unveiling, the logo was used in its official brochures.

The EC explains that the circles in the logo represents unity, singular and unified in its purpose which it said is “our democracy”, adding the blue of the circle also represents the stability and independence of the Commission.

“The inward moving arrows reflect all the people of Ghana and equally coming together for the common purpose- the right to select their political leadership,” the Commission added.

The red, gold and green colours, it said, represents Ghana.

Clearly, the explanation is likely to generation further discussions in the coming days.

By Stephen Kwabena Effah|tv3network.com|Ghana
Twitter @steviekgh

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