Police officers deny Peter Amewu’s assault allegation

police2Police in the Volta Region have “flatly denied” an assault charges leveled against some police officers by the NPP Regional Chairman.

Peter Amewu claimed some police officers assaulted him when he attempted to take pictures of a police vehicle he suspected was being used to perpetuate electoral fraud.

Although the Volta Regional Police Commander, DCOP PeterKin Yentumi Gynae confirmed that the issue has been reported, a different account was given by the accused police officers.

Speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise morning show, DCOP Yentumi Gynae explained, “They have made a complaint that the policemen were assisting the electoral officers to take machines to a village near Togo border for registration and he objected, and he was assaulted by the police, that was the complaint”.

He further stated, “I quickly sought to hear from my men and they have a different version, they denied flatly that he was assaulted. They rather said the Electoral Commission officials were duly taking the machine to a place that has been designated for registration and the youth of the town objected but when they showed the schedule on the sheet to them they all calmed down and they try moving down the village.”

However, Mr. Yentumi Gynae said the police have begun investigations into the incident.


Story by Collins Essuman 3FM 92.7 | tv3network.com

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