Prince David Osei Reveals Why He’s Confident He’ll Be Ghana’s President

Actor Prince David Osei regards his desire to become the President of Ghana as a divine calling, though initially met with skepticism from many. Despite others assuming he was joking, he firmly believes this aspiration is a bestowed gift from God.

Speaking to Kwame Dadzie on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z over the weekend, the actor said, “Everyone in this world has something that God gives to them. Sometimes when you speak, they say you talk big but if you don’t say it, it won’t manifest.

“It’s not even that I want to become a president, I think I have the calling, because I’ve dreamt it.

Looking back on his life’s path, he reveals that from the tender age of 14, he nurtured aspirations of leaving a substantial mark on the world, fervently seeking guidance for his future endeavors.

“What I’m doing here right now today, I dreamt it before becoming a star. I’m not joking. When I was 14 years old, I knew I was going to become somebody popular.
“I didn’t know what it was, but I started praying towards it. And in the same way, I saw the president’s vision,” he added.

He discloses that his desire to pursue the presidency wasn’t solely driven by personal ambition but was also affirmed by a prophetic message from Prophet Amoako Atta, reinforcing his conviction in his divine purpose.
He said,”when we say stuff it’s not like maybe we are drunk or I might not look like it but who are you to judge? God chooses to make anybody what he wants to make. How many years have you given yourself for this to come to fruition?”

In an Instagram post in October 2023, the actor announced his aspiration to become Ghana’s president, causing skepticism among fans and colleagues. Inspired by Barack Obama, he believed in the realization of his dream, despite receiving limited support from some friends. He acknowledged a sense of destiny towards the presidency and accepted his path.
He wrote: “No matter how hard I try to avoid the calling, everything shows I have to be the president someday, that’s why my friends in the game don’t want to support me…But what is written is written.”

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