Roles of bridesmaids: Relevant or irrelevant

Weddings are the most important days to every bride and groom and as such they are most likely to give people they value and care about roles that will make them feel part of the whole ceremony.

Bridal train is simply a group of ladies who mostly wear the same outfit and follow the bride during a wedding ceremony.

This was mostly seen is extravagant weddings here in Ghana, however, this has slowly transitioned to the ordinary wedding.

People involved in this are usually friends or family of the bride or groom. However, questions of its relevance and who caters for the cost that comes with it has been raised over the years.

Bridesmaids were often known to have a minimum number of three to five but this has changed over the years. In an interview with Mr. Samuel Addo, he mentioned that he finds using a lot of bridesmaid during a wedding quite unnecessary. He added that a couple could use only one or two for the ceremony but people go to the extreme of using eight to ten people, that was why he and his bride used only one on his wedding day.

According to Emma Boateng during an interview, she emphasized on the fact that if there are not enough funds to cater for the bridesmaids outfit, the topic of telling them which fabric to use should not come up, especially when the fabric is expensive. She said this based on a personal experience she had during her friend’s wedding. Emma added that her friend told them the kind of hairstyle to do, the kind of fabric as well as types of heels to wear, without catering for any of the cost which she found ridiculous.

Bridesmaids are add on aesthetics to the whole ceremony, having a bridal train with same outfit makes the whole event organized and adds a touch of class was what Samuel Mark had to saying during an interview.

He added that, the number of people used is not even a bother so long as people are interested in being a part of your special day, they are willing to join on your own terms.

The relevance of bridesmaids is solely dependent on the person getting married. Most of these bridesmaid serve as assistance to the bride during the event and grace the occasion.

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