Ugandan Triplets Ghetto Kids’ remarkable journey to Stardom

There is no doubt that Triplets Ghetto Kids have taken the world by storm after reaching the grand finale of the hit UK television show Britain’s Got Talent. Although they bowed out, their performance was a further step in proving their lives are “changing for the good.” The dance troupe inspired many with their talent, vibrant smiles, energetic aura, and resilient spirits that keep them going.

The troupe are children between the ages of five and 13, who grew up in a childcare institution in Uganda.

According to RFI, the Triplets Ghetto Kids were given a fresh start through the Inspire Ghetto Kids Foundation, established in 2007 by Dauda Kavuma, a former school teacher from the impoverished neighborhood of Makindye in Kampala. Kavuma, who grew up in challenging circumstances, found solace in music and was inspired to use music, dance, and drama to uplift underprivileged children in the ghettos. The foundation provides shelter, food, clothing, and education for homeless, orphaned, and disadvantaged children.

The Triplets Ghetto Kids gained global attention in 2014 when a video of their dance to the song “Sitya Loss” by Eddy Kenzo went viral. Since then, they have received numerous awards and collaborated with renowned international musicians. In 2022, the crew took to the stage at the World Cup in Qatar, one of a number of live performances across the globe.

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