We’ll not transport gas to Ghana until gov’t settles debt – WAGPCo

WAGPCoThe West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAGPCo) has reiterated its position not to transport gas to Ghana from Nigeria unless the 180 million dollar debt owed by the government of Ghana is settled.

This invariably means the current power crisis may remain unchanged until other sources of fuel are sought to run the country’s current thermal machines.

Nigeria Gas (N-Gas) the supplier of gas is owed about 180 million dollars by Ghana and they (N-Gas) also owe the gas transporter which is WAGPCo about 104 million dollars.

Speaking in an interview with TV3, the General Manager in charge of Communications at WAGPCo, Harriet Wereko Brobbey indicated that “the debt has been standing for over a year… we have indicated to N-Gas that if WAGPCo does not get paid, we are not in a position continue transporting gas.

“Until we come to an agreement about the payment terms, we are not going to continue because we need money to run our operations. We are still in discussion and they have assured us that payment is going to be made so we are waiting to hear something from them.”

Ghana’s recurrent power crisis started again around mid June throwing quite a number of businesses out of gear financially because they need to fork up extra cash to purchase fuel to power their generators.

Domestic users are also up in arms against the current administration and asked for at least a schedule or timetable to help them plan around the outages but government officials and the president himself have categorically stated that the country is not in a crisis situation yet to “declare a load shedding.”

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey|3news.com|Ghana
Twitter: @3newsgh

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