Woman who was raped by a Catholic priest, and others, share her unbelievable testimony

A female singer at one of the leading churches in Ghana, the Royalhouse Chapel International (RCI), has shared her testimony of how she literally went through Hell in her life, just because she did not have any helper growing up.

Describing herself as a marketing director for Jesus, the woman, whose name is not known, recalled how, in her attempts to survive as a young teenage, she was raped multiple times, by different people.

The first person, however, was a Roman Catholic priest, who she narrated, did so when she used to sleep in his church building because her stepmother had sent her away from the house because of a prophecy she had heard at church.

“At the age of 8 years, my father was a polygamist; he had a lot of women, so we moved from this stepmother to another, and at the age of 8 years, my stepmother said she went to church and they told her that because of her stepmother, she’s unable to give birth.

“So, she drove me out of the house at the age of 8 years. I went to stay at the Roman Catholic Church, cleaning the church, and at the age of 10, the Roman Father there raped me. I left the church with blood, crying, with no help, and as I walked outside, a woman selling on the streets saw me crying and took me in,” she narrated.

Sharing her story in a clip that was shared on TikTok, with the program, iYes USA 2023 logo embossed on the video, she said that she moved in with this woman but the only available place for her to sleep was in the open market.

She eventually became a head porter so that she could earn some money to feed herself.

During that period, she added, a son of the woman who took her in also forced himself on her, forcing her to leave the market place to start another dangerous life with some commercial sex workers.

“The woman was living in the market place; it’s a market in Ghana – Community One, no house there, nothing. And I would help the woman sell every day and I will sleep in the market place. I became a kayayo, if you know who a kayayo is. I dropped from class 6, I didn’t go to school again; no help.

“As I was carrying things for people to eat, the woman’s son, who was living with her, also raped me at age 13. I ended up at the night clubs at 13. I had to go and buy weed and crack for the prostitutes. They would send me to go and buy the cracks, but something just withheld me from rejecting it, but I would do that. At age 14, I would sometimes sell myself to sleep with men to eat,” she added.

Not ever knowing her mom until she was nearing the end of her teenage years, she said one day, when she and her boyfriend had planned to go to the nightclub after a December 31 church service, the Holy Spirit arrested her.

“I didn’t know my mom till 17. My dad never looked for me and I started dating guys upon guys and one of the guys, at the age of 16 I met, went to Royalhouse Chapel on 31st December and took me; we were going to go to the night club. He took me to church first and as the man of God was preaching about rapture and Heaven, I gave my life to Christ: I was the only one who went forward, and Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah looked at me and said, you will be a star and a testimony that many will look at,” she recalled.

She continued to share her story of how, one after the other, mysterious doors of big opportunities started opening up for her.

One of such doors was when she encountered the American consulate and because of her service to them, she got a free diplomatic visa from them to visit the USA, from where she entered university without ever going through junior high or senior high school.

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