Ghana Police Issues Statement On Drive-by shootout At Shatta Wale’s Residence.

The Ghana Police Service has issued a statement regarding this evenings shootout at dancehall artist shatta Wale’s residence. In the statement posted on the police official social media handles, they have mentioned acting swiftly to proceed to the supposed scene of the shootout.

Shatta Wale was however nowhere to be found. Another team also proceeded to investigate the major health facilities in and around the East Legon environment.

If Shatta Wale has indeed been admitted for any gunshot wounds, the police have said they cannot confirm that.

Making a false claim that disrupts the flow of the work of the Ghana Police is illegal. Shatta Wale will be charged for wasting Ghana Police resources is the incident is a fad. Here’s a copy of the full statement.

Police Investigate Claims of Shooting Incident Involving Shatta WaleThe attention of the Police has been drawn to the widely circulated news on the alleged gunshot-attack on one Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known as Shatta Wale.On hearing the news, the police have launched an investigation into the matter including making contacts with some of his close friends and family members and all of them claim not to have knowledge of his whereabout or the alleged incident.A team has visited the house of Shatta Wale and he cannot be found there.Over the last few hours, the Police have searched and continue to look for Shatta Wale at hospitals in Accra.Whilst we continue our investigations, the Police is appealing to the public to provide any information concerning the whereabouts of Shatta Wale to the numbers 18555, 191 and 0302773906

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