Mzbel vows never disclose the identity of her baby daddy

Ghanaian singer, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel, has made a bold statement by vowing to never disclose the identity of her baby daddy.

According to the ‘controversial’ singer, she will not disclose the identity (name and picture) of her newborn’s father to her fans and the world due to certain factors including social media commentary and repercussions and the negative effects of sharing personal information on such platforms.

In an interview with Emmanuel on OBI TV after the birth of her daughter, the ’16yrs’ hitmaker, asserted that her daughter’s father means a lot to her thus, she wouldn’t reveal his identity for people to start calling him names and digging up into his past. The mother of two opined that every social media platform is full of negative vibes and if one wishes to keep something that is valuable, then social media should be the last place to let all and sundry know about that valuable item.

Mzbel to a greater extent detailed how social media has caused a number of damages to people which included broken marriages, broken friendships, and others.

She explained by saying, “I can’t reveal his identity. Because of what I have seen on social media, I will never post anything that’s very dear to me on such a platform. Someone got married and announced it on social media and a few days later, it was revealed that her husband is a carpenter, make-up artiste, macho man, and other things, and eventually, the couple divorced.”

“If you have something you cherish, you are happy about it, and wish to keep it forever, then please social media should be the last place to make people know about it but for my daughter’s father, I wouldn’t post him for an ordinary person to disrespect and associate him with false information”, she added.

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