Build Sex Rooms For Prisoners & Partners So We Can End Homosexuality In Our Prisons-Bishop

The founder and leader of Rivers of Life International Ministry, Bishop George Nii Aryeh, has urged the government of Ghana to build sex rooms in all the prisons in the country.

The man of God believes that it would prevent the activities of lesbians and gays in our prisons.

According to him, to prevent LGBTQI+ in the country, the government should build rooms in the prisons so that if a prisoner feels for sex, they could invite the partner and have sex with them.

He added that it is difficult for someone to be in prison for about ten years without having sex with a partner.

He told Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that humans are humans, and once in a while, they experience the need for sex.

And when they don’t get their partners, they tend to engage in gayism and lesbianism in our prisons.

The man of God said this was not a prophecy but an opinion he was expressing to help cutb LGBTQI+ activities in our prisons.

He insisted that the reason why some people are practising same-sex relationships in prisons is the lack of sex they do not get from their partners in the prisons.

Meanwhile, he wants the government to convert all single-sex schools to mixed schools since, in his view, same-sex schools serve as breeding grounds for the activities of LGBTQI+.

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